Goin' My Way, Your Personal Driver.

Wherever you need to go, we'll take you there. Goin' My Way offers door to door service in Dallas  and Fort Worth so you can focus on what's important to you. We take the stress out of travel.


Enjoy High Quality Like Town Car Service.

Goin' My Way provides professional, courteous and affordable door-to-door transportation services. You can count on us to get you where you need to be on time, every time.

Going My Way transportation has been a lifesaver for my family this year. With both my husband and I working it is very hard to get my son back and forth to his sport activities. The staff at Going My Way was just a phone call away to schedule transportation arrangements and were very professional, caring and timely with picking up and dropping off our son. We highly recommend Going My Way to transport any kids to their many activities.
— Steve and Elaine

Your Comfort Comes First.

We make our clients feel special. We give you comfort and care like excellent town car service.


To and From the Dallas and Fort Worth Airports.

Airport travel today can be tiring with long queues and traffic. We make it easier by providing you with reliable, comfortable transportation to and from the Dallas and Fort Worth airports. Rest assured you will make your flight on time. After a ride with us, you'll feel more relaxed and prepared for your trip.


Putting People First.

Your safety and comfort are paramount. We want your travel with us to be enjoyable, safe and reliable. Our drivers are well trained, courteous, professional and prompt.


We make our clients feel special.

We appreciate that you choose to travel with us. We aim to make your journey pleasant.



GMW Drivers: Trained and Tested to Provide the Best Service.

Our drivers are trained to give you the best service possible. All of our drivers are tested prior to hiring with extensive background checks, fingerprint and drug testing.

Upon hiring, our drivers undergo training in Goin' My Way systems and our commitment to providing exemplary service, each and every time.

Extensive Training and Professional Attire

Unlike other car transportation services, we insist upon the completion of thorough training before we allow any of our drivers to provide Goin' My Way travel service to our clients.

Uniformed Driver.

We insist upon high quality service for our customers. Hence our GMW team does not consist of people who are picking you up randomly after work or in their day or evening clothes. All of GMW staff are dressed professionally in our Goin' My Way attire of white shirts and black slacks.

Door to Door Service.

We come to your door to get your bags. We'll also deliver to your door, putting your comfort first.
There is  a small surcharge for delivery up a flight of stairs.


Safety and Professionalism at all times.

We follow consistent high quality standards for your protection, safety and security at all times.


Each  Driver is Equipped with:

  • First Aid and CPR training.
  • Pre-employment screening to include background check and drug/alcohol testing.
  • Extensive Goin' My Way training.
  • Goin' My Way white shirt and professional attire requirements

Each Vehicle is Equipped with:

  • First aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Safety belts for each passenger.
  • Computerized routing system.
    This allows GMW drivers to take the most efficient route to save time.
  • Advanced Scheduling System.

our history

Goin' My Way was founded in 1994 by a busy parent who wanted to offer extracurricular options for kids without the hassles of scheduling. Since that time, Goin' My Way has expanded to offer transportation services to business travelers and families throughout the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.


What We've Achieved

  • Reputation for excellence and caring.
  • Loyal client base.
  • Higher standards in travel.
  • Style and comfort with door-to-door service.
  • Simplifying travel.
  • Flexible options.
  • Safe transportation environment.
  • Providing accountability, consistency and reliable service.


We're ready when you are.


We want to be your own personal driver.

Call us at 972-239-RIDE to book your next ride.